Adventures in Ethics and Science

As we’re listening to Weekend Edition, the younger Free-Ride offspring asks, “Why don’t they ever have weekend subtraction?”

(I think it was the elder Free-Ride offspring, years ago, who asked why Morning Edition had puppet words. It took us a few long moments to figure out the “puppet words” was actually Bob Edwards.)


  1. #1 Hank Roberts
    April 26, 2008

    I was just missing Bob Edwards listening to the radio this morning. His NPR shows were truly the antonym of “puppet words.” That’s why he got fired.
    Podcasts now downloadable free.

  2. #2 PalMD
    April 26, 2008

    My little one listens to NPR in the car until she gets bored and demands the White Album (with a particular fondness for Bungalow Bill, which she calls “Hey, bun, little Bill”).

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