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We’re nearly to the halfway mark (in terms of time) on Blogger Challenge 2008 and the mommy bloggers are still leaving us in their dust. We’ve told you about the school kids you could help by donating to our challenges, we’ve offered small incentives (and big incentives).

Today, the news comes from our benevolent overlords at Seed that they’d like to help us coax some donations from you by offering more prizes.

How to win great ScienceBlogs prizes:

First, make a donation (from $5 on up) to any of the challenges mounted by ScienceBlogs bloggers.

After donating, forward your email receipt to

If you’ve already donated to DonorsChoose, you’re still eligible. Just send us a DonorsChoose receipt for a ScienceBloggers’ challenge dated from 2008 to enter.

Winners will be chosen at random every Friday from now through the end of the DonorsChoose Challenge (in other words, there will be drawings on October 17, October 24, and October 31).

Each week we’ll give away such prizes as :

  • subscriptions to Seed
  • collectible ScienceBlogs mugs
  • USB drives
  • sleek black laptop sleeves

There may be some books, too.

And, at the very end of the Blogger Challenge (which is to say, after the last moment of October 31st), all of you generous donors who have forwarded your e-mail receipt from DonorsChoose to will be entered in a drawing for the grand prize, a spiffy new iPod Touch.

C’mon, you know you want to enter…


  1. #1 Donalbain
    October 15, 2008

    What needs to happen is that PeeZed needs to unleash his hoardes. I get paid this week, I hope to donate enough to get a picture AND a poem! I want it to be about momentum!

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