Adventures in Ethics and Science

Regular commenter Super Sally (who this blogger knows as “Mom”) made a generous contribution to my challenge and requested sprog art and a limerick on the subject of astronomy. (She also indicated that this donation was to go to the “NO TATTOO” fundraising total.)

If only I had a fancy overhead projector with which to show my gratitude …


In dust and gas clouds dense and heated,
where hydrogen nuclei meet, it
won’t take a contusion,
just nuclear fusion
to help a new star to get seeded.

And what is this stellar babe’s destiny?
Depends on core temp’ rature and density.
Red giant that burns quickly?
Black hole packed quite thickly?
Or star twinkling brightly for us to see?



  1. #1 Super Sally
    October 27, 2008

    Thank you, for both the art and the limerick(s). They are STELLAR!

    Is that last one the constellation “Phillie” or “T’Bay”, or do naming rights accrue to the WS winners?

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