Adventures in Ethics and Science

This is the last day of Blogger Challenge 2008.

You have mere hours left to give to our challenges and get in on Seed’s prize drawing (which includes that spiffy iPod Touch).

Don’t forget that individual ScienceBloggers are offering a variety of incentives of their own to help persuade you to kick in a bit of money to fund public school classroom projects. And lest it escape your notice, Jessica Palmer is offering an original painting to one of her donors. (She’s an actual artist, so this is a big deal.)

Our totals so far this year have … reflected the current economic uncertainty. We get that, we really do. But if you can scrape together even $5 or $10 to help fund a project (the price of a few trips to Starbucks), your small contribution plus those of others can add up to make a big difference for school kids.

My challenge still has a couple of projects in need of funding, and there are many more in the other ScienceBloggers’ challenges. Whatever you can give, it will be greatly appreciated.