Adventures in Ethics and Science

You’ve probably already gotten the news that ScienceBlogs is getting a backend upgrade to MT4 this weekend.

While this is going on (from Friday 1 PM Eastern until sometime Saturday, we hope), you’ll still be able to read the ScienceBlogs posts that are already up, but Sb bloggers won’t be able to publish new posts and you won’t be able to leave new comments.

(Actually, I’m hearing rumblings that the comments might already have been disabled. Hold that thought! Jot it down on a Post-it or something, ’cause I want to read it when the comments return in MT4)

During our radio silence, you might want to pass the time by checking out some of the excellent blogs listed in the blogroll in the left sidebar. For particularly good reading, let me recommend:

Hope for Pandora
Dinochick Blogs
Thesis- with Children
Young Female Scientist
49 percent
Ask Doctor Vector

Also, rumor has it that Comrade PhysioProf is having a house-party with a slew of guest bloggers.

So, on the cusp of our changeover, let me leave you with a picture of a chameleon, drawn by the elder Free-Ride offspring:


Catch you on the flip-flop!