Adventures in Ethics and Science

And sometimes it happens right across the street from my favorite aquarium. With a smack that’s slightly squishy.

Sea Notes provides the details:

Suddenly, out of the blue, you’re whacked on the head — hard. You reach up to touch the tender spot and your hair is wet, but not with blood.

You look around. There’s no one nearby. What gives?

Turns out that Nanci Hubby, whose company CAD Carmel assists us with exhibit design projects, was starstruck. Literally.

In her case, the star was an ochre sea star (Pisaster ochraceus) that fell from the sky, dropped by a passing seagull that bit off more than it could swallow.

The good news? Nanci’s head broke the sea star’s fall and it survived. (Both the star, and Nanci’s skull.) Neither she nor the sea star seem any worse for the experience.

I’m guessing the seagull, on the other hand, was peeved to have lost a tasty sea star meal.

No news yet on whether the aquarium gift shop will start selling helmets.