Adventures in Ethics and Science

This morning was overcast, cool, and dry.

But, as it wasn’t a school day, I was determined to get some gastropod action.

This wasn’t easy, as the snails and slugs didn’t seem to be in any of their reliable hang-outs. Not even a single slug on the watering can.

My strawberries have still been nibbled, so I thought I should have a closer look at their immediate environment. The ground right around the strawberry plants was visibly more moist than the surrounding ground (because I watered the strawberry plants yesterday evening). I got down on my hands and knees and probed the soil just below the surface.

A couple wee slugs!

I repeated this around the other strawberry plants and uncovered a few more.

Satisfying as this was, it seemed like I should be able to accomplish more. While I was trying to clear my head, I worked to clear some tall grass from the mint patch near our lemon tree. There weren’t any gastropods revealed as the grass came out, but as I got closer to the trunk of the lemon tree, I noticed something shell-like under a tea rose bush.

I got on my belly to get a better look and noticed a neglected potted succulent under the tea rose. On one of its spiky leaves was a snail. I hauled it out from under the rose bush.

A veritable snail lair! Only now, with it out in the open, not such a great lair.

Today’s take: eight slugs and 22 snails.


  1. #1 Academic
    May 30, 2009

    Props for finding the plant and its associated horde of snails.

  2. #2 Joe
    May 31, 2009

    Aren’t you being a tad bit obsessive about these gastropods, Janet? I’m starting to worry about your mental health.

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