Adventures in Ethics and Science

Another overcast, cool, and dry morning today.

The pickings were extremely slim. However, it also bears mentioning that the amount of visible gastropod damage to my plants — especially my food crops — is greatly reduced since I began my snail eradication campaign less then a month ago.

I’m going to count that as a victory.

The last few weeks has also seen a significant clearing of weeds and tall grass. In part this is because we were trying specifically to reduce slug and snail hiding places. But part of it is just that if you’re out every morning poking around in search of gastropods, it’s not too hard to pull the weeds in the area you’re searching. Even a few handfuls of weeds a morning makes a difference if you’re doing it every morning.

I don’t kid myself that the gastropods are gone. To keep the plants safe from their voracious appetites, we’re going to have to keep going out and picking them. But I think they no longer have the upper hand (or foot, I guess) in the yard.

Today’s take: two slugs and one snail.


  1. #1 christopher guerra
    May 31, 2009

    Have you tried to put copper rings around each plant or staple copper strips around the planter box.

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