Adventures in Ethics and Science

Snail eradication (day 34).

Dry and overcast again this morning. I’ve never been a big fan of humidity, but I was really hoping for some today.

Close inspection of the garden beds indicated that they were gastropod free. The bag of compost and the bag of potting soil on the ground by the side of the house each had only a couple small slugs underneath them. The only other action was on the side of the house, where a snail had attached itself.

Wherever these gastropods are hiding, they seem ready to sit tight … until they see an opportunity.

Like, if the snail hunter is going to be missing three consecutive mornings on account of being on the East Coast at her college reunion.

Dr. Free-Ride’s better half and the sprogs have said that they’ll try to conduct the gastropod forays in my absence (although whether they will be keeping an accurate count is another matter). But in the back of my head I have a worry that I’ll return to a yard that has been trashed by a weekend-long gastropod beer bash.

Not that I’m worried enough to cancel my trip.

Today’s take: four slugs and one snail.


  1. #1 blf
    June 12, 2009

    The solution to your worries is easy. The night before you leave, put a large open suitcase in the garden, fill it with moist earth and lush leaves the gastropods like to munch on, and maybe some beer. In the morning you’ll have a suitcase full of friendly snails and slugs looking forward to the trip. Close the case and take ’em with you…

    I suppose you might have a problem with airport security. Just explain that you are a mad scientist, these are your research assistants, and that they don’t go BANG! or have sharp edges.

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