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One of the fabulous things about living in our Northern California climate (zone 16) it the ability to transform our yard into a mini orchard. The biggest challenge so far has been patience, given that it takes fruit trees at least a few years to hit a level of maturity at which they produce fruit.…

Do the math.

After the open house at the college radio station, I paid a visit to a now-defunct cafe that used to be downstairs from the radio station studio and found the following calculation written on the wall:

A highlight of reunion at my alma mater, as far as I’m concerned, it that they open up the boat house and let alumnae paddle (or sail, or crew, depending on their druthers) around the lake. I’ve missed the lake. I was also missing the rest of the Free-Ride family, so I took advantage of…

Science Scout badge tally.

You may recall a couple years ago when the Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique started issuing badges. Now, the Science Scouts have a spiffy new webpage and many new badges … and there are rumors (or should I say rumours) that actual, physical badges, suited for stitching onto…

There are two main reasons I like harvesting crops from the Free-Ride garden. First, it means we’ll have yummy, super-fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. And second, it often means we’re freeing up space to plant another crop. Even in Northern California, where it is said we have “climate” rather than “weather,” there are crops…

Boston dispatch #3.

After a good long while hanging out and sucking wifi from MIT, I decided it was time to walk along Mass Ave to Harvard Square. The walk seemed significantly shorter than when I was a college student twenty (plus) years ago. Possible explanations:

Overheard at Casa Free-Ride: Dr. Free-Ride’s better half: Hey, some of the silkmoths are mating already! Elder offspring: With each other? Savor that moment of stunned silence!

Garden update: the harvest.

Owing to the fact that the snail eradication project (or at least, my direct involvement in it) is on a brief hiatus while I’m on the East Coast (and while my yard is still in Northern California), I’m going to be bringing you up to date on the garden in whose service I have been…

Boston dispatch #2.

The torrential rain stopped (at least temporarily), so I got a chance to walk around a little. Having met my high school friend in Kenmore Square, I walked on Comm Ave (toward the Boston Commons) and hung a left on Mass Ave. I decided I needed to check the functioning of the Harvard Bridge.

The Free-Ride offspring are almost at the end of another school year, so we thought this would be a good time for them to think about some summer reading recommendations. Each of them chose two favorite books that have something to do with science. Below, they offer their kid-to-kid reviews.