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Thursday sprog art.

As I thrash my way through composing my last anticipated post on Unscientific America, I reckoned it was time to give you some more pictures to go with all the words. Thank goodness for the Free-Ride offspring!

From the younger Free-Ride offspring:


I am fairly sure the blue squiggles in the background are actually just background squiggles rather than stink-lines coming off of that bird. If anything smells in this composition, you’d expect it would be the flowers.

From the elder Free-Ride offspring:


The elder Free-Ride offspring calls this drawing “Quality versus Quantity.” Originally, my better half and I interpreted quantity to refer to the amount of fish flesh (by weight) that each cat in the picture has, but it turns out the artist meant quantity to refer to the number of fish each cat has (with quality referring to how much fish flesh in each of those fish). One of those places where artistic intent and the viewer’s interpretation diverge, I suppose.


  1. #1 Isis the Scientist
    July 16, 2009

    These are lovely. May I purchase an original piece for my dining room?

  2. #2 Faust
    July 16, 2009

    Love the bird in particular. Love your blog. Very curious to read your next post. I think your responses to UA have been probably the best I’ve read yet.

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