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33rd Skeptics’ Circle

Would Coturnix really present the latest Skeptics’ Circle as a research report — with a title with a colon in it? You’ll have to pop over to Science and Politics to find out.

Carnival of Education #62 is now up at The Magic School Bus. Go check it out. You might learn something.

Has it been two weeks already? The 31st Skeptics’ Circle is now available at Terra Sigillata. Not only has its host, Abel PharmBoy, put together a delightful selection of the blogosphere’s best skeptical writing, but he’s given it the feel of a meeting of a smallish scientific society. So grab some coffee on your way…

Tangled Bank #50

Tangled Bank #50 is now up at The Island of Doubt. James Hrynyshyn (the lighthouse keeper of the aforementioned Island) has put together a smorgasbord of tasty science essays from the blogosphere’s many ports of call. Paddle over and enjoy!

Now available, the 30th Skeptic’s Circle, hosted at Paige’s Page. I believe I’d enjoy settling in and reading all the fine skeptical posts it features, but … …still grading!

Tangled Bank #49 is now up at Living the Scientific Life. GrrlScientist has lined up an impressive array of science writings from the blogosphere. Go and partake of them! (Me, I’m grading papers …)

Tangled Bank #48 is up at Aetiology. Tara gives the science iPod a shuffle and comes up with 13 tracks of grunge-y scientific goodness. It’s got a good beat and is easy to dance (or wear flannel) to!

While you’re coming down from that heart-shaped box of chocolate you ate yesterday (or feeling virtuous for not having consumed mass quantities of candy yesterday), make some time to chech out two great carnivals: The Sixth edition of the Teaching Carnival: a special science edition, collecting articles on teaching in the world of higher education,…