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Yet another dry, overcast morning. Not the kind of weather when one feels like sliding on one’s foot across scratchy leaves or stems. At least if one is a snail or slug.

Despite the threatening skies yesterday morning, it did not rain. And, it was pretty dry this morning. Accordingly, the gastropods seemed to have better things to do than sliding along the dry surfaces of my plants, meal or no meal.

I found this bug in the garden today, on my rainbow chard:

This morning it was dewy and clear as I went on patrol for gastropods. By the time I was done patrolling, clouds had rolled in and there was no sun at all. Tut, tut. It looks like rain.

The morning was dry, but the skies were not overcast, and I think the air temperature was a bit warmer than yesterday morning. That, plus the two rainfalls earlier this week, seems to have changed things up. Because today, there were babies.

Unlike Tuesday and Wednesday, today there was no early-morning rainfall.

We had another early-morning downpour (today at about 3 AM). Thus, the half-hour of gastropod hunting was productive.

It’s been a long time since I posted a garden update. As we’re on the cusp of summer, there’s a lot to update you on. And I will, soon. But today, I wanted to share two reasons carrots are sometimes hard to pull up.

“It’s never going to rain again.” — Dr. Free-Ride’s better half, contemplating cloudy skies over the last month or so “Oh yeah?” — The weather in the vicinity of Casa Free-Ride, at approximately 4:45 AM today It was not a torrential downpour, but there was a good, hard rain for 15 to 20 minutes early…

This morning’s conditions were more of the same — overcast and dry. There were no gastropods in evidence.