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Another overcast, cool, and dry morning today.

This morning was overcast, cool, and dry. But, as it wasn’t a school day, I was determined to get some gastropod action.

This morning was dry and cool and overcast, so the pickings were slim.

Another morning, another gastropod foray.

This morning, like yesterday morning, was sunny and dewy, and just a little bit chilly. Good snailing weather. Actually, though, given recent gastropod ratios during my morning forays, it might be more accurate to call it slugging rather than snailing. Except that slugging already has a meaning.

Finally, a morning that dawned clear, cool, and moist. Tired of being holed up wherever it is they hole up during the dry weather, the gastropods came out to play.

This morning, once again, was dry and overcast, although not as cold as it has been. Because I know this is low-yield gastropod-picking weather, I went right to the most likely locations: the bottom of the watering can and the new snail and slug shelters.

Another slow morning for snail picking.

This morning I slept in. But once I woke up, I had to patrol for gastropods.

This morning was relatively warm and fairly dry. If you’ve been following the details of my campaign to control the back yard gastropod population, you know what that means: