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It has come to my attention that a number of people are risking catastrophic seismic activity today by exposing n00bs. This so-called “n00bquake” frightens me, and not just because I live in earthquake country.

Dr. Free-Ride: So, where do you think land comes from? Younger offspring: Land comes from … I don’t know. Dr. Free-Ride: If you had to guess …

Yesterday afternoon, I attempted to talk with the younger Free-Ride offspring about erosion. It would seem, from our conversation, that it is not just rocks that can erode — recall of material learned in science class can also erode, as can patience. Below is a rough transcript of our chat. I’ll see if I can…

Dr. Free-Ride: What have you been learning about in science this school year? Younger offspring: Lots of stuff. Dr. Free-Ride: Like what? Younger offspring: We learned about rocks and minerals. Rocks are made out of minerals, and some rocks have more than one kind of mineral in them. Dr. Free-Ride: So, what’s a mineral? Younger…

The Earth, then and now.

… as drawn by the younger Free-Ride offspring. The Earth as described in 2006:

I’m told we had a moderate earthquake here last night. Indeed, it is reportedly the largest earthquake in the area since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake — which, as it happens, was the temblor that welcomed me to the San Francisco Bay Area. I completely missed it.