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Younger offspring: Mom? I have a question. Dr. Free-Ride: OK. Younger offspring: If I got up really early — Dr. Free-Ride: I hope you won’t.

Dr. Free-Ride: So, you know how sometimes you have nightmares? Younger Offspring: Yeah. Dr. Free-Ride: I had a nightmare the other night.* Younger Offspring: What was it? Dr. Free-Ride: Well, I was supposed to be picking up snakes with two sticks and moving them from one place to another. Younger Offspring: Why?

The Free-Ride offspring have been enjoying their Spring Break visiting with the Grandparents Who Lurk But Seldom Comment. The night before they left, however, the younger Free-Ride offspring awoke in the wee hours because of a bad dream. As we all know from the peer reviewed literature on the subject, the best treatment for that…