We’re All Uncle Leo

Just don’t let Elaine draw in your eyebrows.

The New York Times has an article profiling the advertising side of ScienceBlogs (you know, the thing that allows Seed to provide us with bandwidth so that we can spew our ivory tower propaganda far and wide). Anyway, they refer to the type of people who like to read about science in their spare time as “Leonardos”. And all this time I thought we were just dorks, dweebs, and nerds — but not geeks (they bite the heads off of live chickens). To learn more about your bad-ass-Renaissance-man selves, check out the Seed guide to Leonardos.

I also noticed that P. Zed Myers has his own take on it — apparently he doesn’t like being a pawn in the money game. Don’t hate the playa, P. Zed, hate the game.