Double Entendre Friday – 03 March 2006

Today, I will begin a new tradition at evolgen. There are a lot of topics and terms in the biological sciences that sound like something else; many of these fall into the category of double entendre. I’m quite immature, so that kinda stuff really amuses me. Every Friday I’ll try to come up with another double entendre for your enjoyment. Reader submissions would be greatly appreciated.

For today’s evolgen Double Entendre Friday, I give you the cleavage furrow. Yes, cleavage, as in these things. During mitosis, after all the genetic material is sorted out, the cell splits all of its cytoplasmic goodies in two and sends them to opposite ends. It then constricts in the middle and eventually ‘pinches’ in half, producing two daughter cells. The location at which the pinching in occurs is known as the cleavage furrow. Hehehe.