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A Chicken Scratch Guide to DNA Replication

Do you want a quick and dirty guide to DNA replication without any of the fancy pictures or cumbersome terminology commonly found in text books? David Ng has published such a guide at The Science Creative Quarterly. It’s a good read even if you already know that stuff.

Cephalopod (Molecular Evolution) Blogging

Hey, Myers, two can play at this game. An article in the Journal of Molecular Evolution presents structural and sequence analysis of hemocyanin (an oxygen carrying protein) from the cephalopod, Nautilus pomilius (shown at the left). They also compared the sequence to another cephalopod, Octopus dofleini, and found that the two species diverged approximately 415…

The Flock of Dodos US Tour

Randy Olson has been taking his film Flock of Dodos around the United States, showing free screenings at a bunch of universities. The list of places he’s visited reads like the lyrics to a Johnny Cash song: Kansas City, Boston, New Haven, Houston. . . (if you have more places to add to the list,…

The Genetics Society of America is requesting that its members contact their Senators to ask them to support an amendment to increase the 2007 NIH budget proposed by President Bush. As it current stands, the proposed 2007 budget is equal to the 2006 budget (without even a correction for inflation). If you would like contact…

Tangled Bank #49

Tangled Bank #49 has been posted at Living the Scientific Life. Go get your science on.

More on Detecting Natural Selection

PLoS Biology (the people that brought you the recent paper from Jonathan Pritchard on detecting selection in the human genome and George Zhang’s paper on selection on human pseudogenes) has published an editorial on detecting natural selection. It is a good follow up to my series on detecting natural selection using molecular data.

Test Your Luck versus the Science Bloggers

Dave Munger of Cognitive Daily has started an NCAA tournament pool for the ScienceBlogs community. If all of those links were confusing, go here to get the details. If you have no idea what the NCAA basketball tournament is, you should definitely participate — in these types of things, the less you know, the better…

Fight Night at the Laboratory

Hot on the heels of Chad’s project to find the greatest physics experiment ever (see, also, his call for the greatest experiment or discovery in other fields), The Science Creative Quarterly settles the debate the only logical way possible: a single elimination cage match tournament.

Evolution of Gene Expression in Primates

I commented a couple of days ago on a news item about a journal article on the evolution of gene expression in primates that had yet to be published. Well, the article has been published, and I’ve read it (Nature has also published a news and views piece on the study by Rasmus Nielsen). I…

Double Entendre Friday – 10 March 2006

Today’s evolgen Double Entendre Friday deals with the genetic phenomenon known as incomplete penetrance. Ok, maybe this one isn’t a double entendre, but more of a pseudo-homonym (can you guess what it sounds like?). When students in an introductory biology course are taught about dominance they learn about recessive and dominant alleles and maybe some…