Double Entendre Friday – IS DEAD!!!

After a short, and dirty, run, the evolgen Double Entendre Friday has shuffled off its mortal coil. I just can’t keep it up week after week (double entendre not intended). Of course, if I do come across something particular distasteful with a dash of sexual innuendo I’ll include it in the list of double entendres. But there is no way I could continue this as an every Friday tradition.

As in network TV, whenever one series gets cancelled another steps in to take its place. At the old evolgen we had the Friday Random Ten. That was replaced by Double Entendre Fridays for the past month. Next up, I’ll be bringing you Phylogeny Fridays. Each week I’ll be showing a different phylogeny that I find interesting for one reason or another. Stay tuned for the first evolgen Phylogeny Friday next week.