Fancy Ethanol

The NYTimes has an article on bartenders using some science tricks. I have a new favorite drink:

For the martini, they blend olive juice, vermouth and gin with xanthan gum and calcium chloride and drop it into a sodium alginate and water solution to form stable olive-shaped blobs. It is served as a lone olive in an empty glass; it reverts to a liquid state when popped into the mouth.


  1. #1 RPI93
    May 9, 2006

    Excellent article, except for the comment about liquid nitrogen and scotch at the end–potable scotch should be drunk at room temperature. I’ve had minibar’s mojito and passionfruit whiskey sour, both are lots of fun. The technique with the calcium chloride creates a gelatin-like film around a liquid core. The blob pops in your mouth as soon as you slurp it up, and the flavor washes over your mouth all at once, unlike a normal sip or bite. Hopefully the trend won’t get abused.

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