Once, Twice, Three Times a Name Change

Given the inability of certain people to differentiate between evolgen and Evolution Blog, we’re changing our name. This isn’t like the last time we tried to rename ourselves. This is for real . . . and 4 eva. We are no longer evolgen. We aren’t Evolution Blog, either, but we never claimed to be Evolution Blog (and we never claimed to know anything about evolution or blogging for that matter). I’m not sure who “we” are. It’s always just been little old me. This name change is giving us quite a complex.

What’s our new name? Well, if you’re reading this through a newsreader or some other computer program type device (yup, we’re still computer illiterate) you’re going to have to, as the kids say, click through. The new name is below the fold, on the banner, and (damn, we just realized this) listed as the new title of this feed. Well, click through and see the newly renamed evolgen.

Hey, hey, hey! Thanks for clicking through you awesome person. The NEW NAME, in case you can’t read it because you’re red-green colorblind or something, is….

Big Happy Fun Time

Our new catchphrase: who’s your daddy??? Although we did consider going with, “We’re Your Momma!” A close third was, “Call me the soccer mom ’cause I just drove yo’ ass to practice.”

I’m off to the A to the Z for the rest of the week. Enjoy all of the scheduled posts we have waiting in the wings.


  1. #1 pough
    May 23, 2006

    I like it! I was always reading your blog title as “evil Jen”. Or was that on purpose?

  2. #3 RPM
    May 24, 2006

    We are not evil, and our name is not jen. All of that is irrelevant because evolgen is pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove.

    Just googled “Big Happy Fun Time”. We’re not on the front page, yet. But give us some time. Also, we may need to come up with something more original. I hear “Skeptico” is available.

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