4 eva = one week

I should be working instead of dicking around on the ole’ blog. But, give me a break, I just washed 600 vials. I needed a break.

After letting the new ugly banner and stupid name hang around for a week, I’ve decided it’s time for an update. We’re going back to being called evolgen (although you can still refer to us as Throatwarbler Mangrove). The slogan (or nickname, or catchphrase, or stupid saying that goes under the blog title), however, is…

You’re gonna have to click through below the fold for that. This type of announcement doesn’t get sent out over the RSS feed.


A right bit clever, we are. Aren’t we? Eh? We were never good at the British accent. Or the Canadian one. Anyway, given that we are now in the Post-Genomics Era it seems quite antiquated to exist at the convergence of evolution and genetics. After all, genetics is so nineteenth century. Genomics — that’s the science of the late twentieth century (we always were a decade or so behind the times).

And the part about Evolution Blog — well, that’s there due to the confusion people seem to have in telling the difference between a Math Professor and Grad Student.

And, no, this blog does post on more than just changes to our banner. We’re working on some other stuff. Whether that other stuff gets published depends on our editors. PS, we are our own editors.

And, yes, we do like to start paragraphs with conjunctions, so long as our editors allow it.


  1. #1 razib
    May 30, 2006

    dude, how about at the convergence of evolution blog + genomics + herb? 🙂

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