Archival ‘n Chips

I said, “You probably won’t see any new posts until later next week.” Well, today is later this week than yesterday. Also, this post hardly counts as anything new. As you will see, it’s a link to all the evolgen content you should have already read. If you haven’t, read it. It’s good. We like it, that’s why we link to it.

When some blogs go on vacation, they repost old content from the archives. At evolgen, there are not archives, only Zuul. Actually, there are archives, and you can find them here. But those are just archives of posts that have been posted since we moved to Los Bloggos de Ciencia . . . post. Here’s a list of the content you should read that’s sitting on the Blogger server waiting for the guvmint to classify as terrorist correspondence:

Are Deletions Deleterious?

Detecting Natural Selection