Confirming Stereotypes

This video confirms two things I’ve long suspected: nature is really cool and white people can’t dance. Okay, I have independent evidence for the second thing, but check out this little fella’s moves:

He really shakes a proverbial tail feather. But like human males, the only reason for this guy to get on the dance floor is so that he can score a little trim. Unless that male is Michael Jackson, who dances ’cause he’s freakin’ weird.


  1. #1 lisa
    October 16, 2006

    Fabulous! Thanks for making this dreary, wet Monday morning so much better. Hoo hoo hooooo….

  2. #2 pough
    October 17, 2006

    The colouring of the bird, the impossible way it moves and the ridiculousness of the woman’s imitation had me convinced this was a hoax when I first saw it. Is there any particular reason they show her dancing badly?

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