Ben wants a house band, but he doesn’t think it should be Phish. I agree. Phish sucks. A good house band should accompany a night of drinking. Let’s just say Phish is the appropriate accompaniment for a mind altering substance not called alcohol. So who should be the ScienceBlogs house band? As much as I would love to nominate Sonic Youth (and I did in our back channel), I’m gonna have to nominate someone else. To find out who, click through to below the fold.

The Weakerthans (Les Plusfaibleque)

They’re Canadian, which means they know how to drink. What else is there to do in Canada underneath ten feet of snow?

And I think fellow Worlds Fair barker Dave would agree. Here’s one more video for you, Dave:

They shouldn’t have left Subcity/G7 Welcoming Committee to join Epitaph. And, yes, Dave, we all hate Winnipeg. Here’s another one, in case you can’t get enough:

And click here if you wanna watch one more — there’s not embed option on this one.


  1. #1 BRC
    October 17, 2006

    Ouch! Would it help to know I drank plenty at Phish shows but didn’t imbibe in the other direction?

  2. #2 SirLurkalot
    October 20, 2006

    Weird Al… especially with his new ‘White & Nerdy’ track… if that doesn’t stereotype scientists I don’t know what does.

    Check it here:
    White & Nerdy

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