Vegas, Baby!

I’m currently waiting to board my third flight of the day (for this trip), sitting in the Las Vegas airport. The Las Vegas airport has free wireless! That’s a good thing. It’s also packed with slot machines going “bleep-bleep”, “ding-ding”, and “do-do-do-do”. That’s kind of annoying.

The southwest is sunny and warm. That’s also a good thing. Considering that this is what I left this morning:


And this is where I’m going to be tonight:



  1. #1 Amit
    October 26, 2006

    Lucky you! I went to undergrad at that fine institution in Tucson, the University of Arizona. I wish I was in Tucson right now considering the crap weather right now in Ithaca. I don’t think there has been a clear, sunny day in over a week.

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