The Dumb Polack Jokes Write Themselves

Nature has published a correspondence from Maciej Giertych, a Polish biologist, defending his view that evolutionary biology is bullshit. He’s actually striking back at Nature for this news item on creationism in Poland. Long story short, the League of Polish Families (LPR), a group led by Roman Giertych (Maciej Giertych’s son), has been pushing for the inclusion of creationism in the science curriculum of Polish schools. Maciej Giertych did not like how he and his fellow creationists were portrayed in the Nature article. He decided to defend himself in a letter to Nature, despite the fact that he was offered an opportunity to respond to the criticisms in the original article.

Giertych, the father, claims to be a population geneticist despite the fact that his PhD is in tree physiology from the University of Toronto (this is an inopportune time to point out that Larry Moran, faculty at the University of Toronto, has a blog, but I’ll do it nonetheless). I don’t know jack shit about dendrology, and Giertych doesn’t know much about population genetics. That being the case, I will now be referring to myself as a tree physiologist.

Anyway, here is the evidence that Giertych believes disproves evolution:

Such evidence includes race formation (microevolution), which is not a small step in macroevolution because it is a step towards a reduction of genetic information and not towards its increase. It also includes formation of geological strata sideways rather than vertically, archaeological and palaeontological evidence that dinosaurs coexisted with humans, a major worldwide catastrophe in historical times, and so on.

That’s right, dude just busted out the microevolution/macroevolution shtick. And the geological strata. And that dinosaurs coexisted with humans. Holy shit! This guy’s doing the Gish gallop faster than I can direct you to Talk.Origins for articles on microevolution, geological strata, and dinosaurs. And did I mention he’s a Polish representative to the European Parliament?

But it doesn’t end there. Here he goes arguing that all mutations are deleterious:

We know that information exists in biology, and is transferred over generations through the DNA/RNA/protein system. We do not know its origin, but we know it exists, can be spoiled by mutations, but never improves itself spontaneously. No positive mutations have ever been demonstrated.

Once again, here’s the relevant Talk.Origins page. I will point out that the claim of no positive mutations is total and absolute bullshit. A query for adaptive evolution turns up 739,000 hits. One for beneficial mutation gives 42,800. And positive selection gives 1,820,000. I’m sure there’s at least one article in there about a mutation that confers a fitness benefit.

Poland appears to be trying to compete with the United States for the honor of most back-ass-wards nation in the developed world. They’ve got biologist who think there are Neanderthals amongst us — and not in the way we kid about. They really think that some people should be considered Neanderthals. And a powerful Polish politician is a creationist. He’d fit right in with American politicians, except that he’s also got a PhD in the life sciences. But here’s the gem: he claims to be “critical of the theory of evolution as a scientist, with no religious connotation.” That means he doesn’t have the crutch of religion on which to lean; he’s just stupid.


  1. #1 migg
    November 15, 2006

    Don’t laugh at us Polish people, you should rather sympathize with us. This guy is clearly delusional. You forgot to mention that he cites Nessie and Polish Wawel Dragon legend as a proof the dinosaurs and humans coexisted. He says that last mammoths were killed and suffocated during the Gold Rush and the proof for it is that all carcasses have erections. Fortunately he’s not a product of Polish educational system as he also says that he earned B.A. and M.A at Oxford University.

  2. #2 J-Dog
    November 15, 2006

    Giertych – A walking, talking stereotypic throwback to the pre PC days. I wonder if he realizes it? Nah – He is probably just like his American fundy counterparts – clueless.

  3. #3 El PaleoFreak
    November 15, 2006

    Maciej Giertych is not a biologist, but a person with a forest-related doctorate. He is also the Poland Minister of Education (yes, Education) and a member of the European Parliament. And a stupid creationist.

  4. #4 El PaleoFreak
    November 15, 2006

    Sorry, my last comment has an error: Maciej Giertych (father) is not the Minister. Don’t aprove the comment :o)

  5. #5 sparc
    November 15, 2006

    Maciej Giertych is not a biologist, but a person with a forest-related doctorate.

    Still, this doesn’t allow no excuse of his stupidity. Any tree physiology student should have more knowledge in basic biology then this guy.

  6. #6 makowski
    November 16, 2006

    what’s that noise?!?
    Giertych‘s (son) Party LOST in country’s municipal elections last sunday EVEN with “Gamonie i Krasnoludki” (Bumpkins and Dwarfs Party) with approx. 0,3% of all votes….

  7. #7 Roman Werpachowski
    November 25, 2006

    makowski: you mean in Warsaw only. In the whole country they got surely more than 0,3%. But that’s irrelevant.

    Maciej Giertych is not a “powerful” politician. But his son is currently devastating the Polish public education system, and it’s really a depressing sight. It’s not only about evolution, of course, but also about the place of religion in schools, about tolerance to gays and diversity of opinions.

  8. #8 Tom
    January 19, 2007

    This article is a waste of bandwidth. Many of the world’s leading scientists and mathemeticians are creationists. I myself do not agree with their point of view, but I will not spew derogatory garbage towards these individuals. Many of these individuals are very intelligent, but for whatever reason their research has led them astray from conventional thought. To call someone “stupid” because they don’t agree with your beliefs demonstrates the maturity level of a child. If you are so heated about the issue of evolution that you feel the need to deride an entire country and people as “dumb”, maybe you should spend your time entering debates on the subject. Instead, you bask in the safety of anonymity and post this garbage. Be proactive, do your own research, and help shed light on the subject.

  9. #9 RPM
    January 19, 2007

    To call someone “stupid” because they don’t agree with your beliefs demonstrates the maturity level of a child.

    This isn’t about agreeing with beliefs; this is about agreeing with evidence. Given the evidence we have, Giertych’s position is on par with a flat-earther.

  10. #10 sean
    May 30, 2007

    I like evolutionists because they are so sure they are right about Everything! The reasoning empoyed goes something like this: “Assuming my postulate is correct, then this must be the case and I am right”. How wonderful.

  11. #11 RPM
    May 30, 2007

    Sean, and I like creationists because they ignore evidence and stick to predetermined conclusions. Oh, wait, that’s why I don’t like creationists. I’m still getting a hang of this sarcasm thing, but you appear to have it down pretty good. Way to go, Sean!

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