On second thought . . .

The USC offensive line sucks.

Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian suck.

Absolute failure.

When you play against a speed defense, you run right at them. You attack them. You make them overrun and overplay. You don’t run slow developing plays.

And when you play against a young, crappy QB who likes to run the football, you hit him hard — real fucking hard — early. You make him question his ability to play the game. You make him question his skill level. You make him question his manhood. You don’t wait until the 4th quarter to kill the motherfucker. You don’t get a 15yd. personal foul by tapping the douchebag as he prances out of bounds. The only time that penalty is acceptable is if you make see out of his earhole and bleed out his eye sockets.

But the defense played well. This one sits on the offense. You should win a game when the opponent scores 13 points (unless you’re in the ACC). With no running game — aside from an inexperienced freshman and an impotent junior — USC looked bush league (and not Bush league). Kiffin and Sarkisian called a shitty game. The o-line played matador football. They let the floodgates swing open on each and every play.

fUCLA! This was the one win you get this decade. Enjoy it.

Fight on!


  1. #1 Don Rauch
    December 2, 2006

    At least now your team won’t have to be humiliated by Ohio State. Go Bucks!

  2. #2 Amit
    December 2, 2006

    Well, I thought those Booty Call t-shirts I saw some of the USC fans wearing were pretty funny.

  3. #3 Boulder Bitch
    December 2, 2006

    I’m sickened by my alma mater’s pathetic performance today. Crosstown rivalry aside, for USC to perform as badly as they did, and to consequently lose to such a lackluster team in a game that would give us a run at the BCS title is shameful. Ugh. Disgusting. I’m even thinking about removing the Fight Song ring on my cell phone. Finally, Booty is certainly no Leinart. **Sigh** 🙁

  4. #4 John Lynch
    December 2, 2006

    Let’s be honest folks. USC didn’t deserve their high ranking. They beat a few mediocre teams (including my own ASU) by a touchdown or less. They were hyped beyond their ability by the media.

    Prediction: Michigan will beat OSU in a very tight game come January.

  5. #5 Trojans24
    December 5, 2006

    First, I would like to give the well deserved kudos and accolades to the UCLA defense and their coordinator. Dorell just bought himself one more year on the account of his defense coordinator. I think Dorell has an insipid personality and is an unmotivating and underperforming coach.

    USC’s defense played a “B” game. They did not give up big plays with the exception of the scrambling quarterback runs in the first half. Nick Holt’s defensive calls do not seem to have the same flare and havoc inducing affect of Pete Carroll’s defensive play calling. They consistently gave up short to medium passes for first downs which continued long and time consuming drives. Norte Dame did the same against the Trojans in 2005 which aided their cause in a game they should have won. Ray Maualuga makes some big plays which included the huge hit on Patrick Cowan however, his big time plays come at a price. Often, Maualuga plays undisciplined and leaves his assignment to pursue the “big play”. This was extremely evident when UCLA employed play-action and would hit the short-to-medium passes over his zone. I am sure he will become more disciplined as he goes through the maturation process much like Junior Seau.

    What an emasculating performance by the offense and the coordinators, Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian. I have been noting USC’s inability to stretch the field with deep pass plays (not sure if it is the play calling or Booty). The combination of this along with the drive-halting penalties, inconsistent running attack, and porous offensive line resulted in an anemic and somewhat feeble offense that never got in a rhythm. From my observation, Booty is not a play maker. He seems like a textbook and by the numbers quarterback that does not go deep with All-American receivers. I have to scratch my head. He is easily thrown out of sync and makes some very poor decisions when pressured. He has not stepped out of the shadow of Leinart and the late Palmer in my opinion. Balls batted down and tripping over yourself in the waning minutes with the game on the line is inexcusable. GET YOUR BODY UNDER CONTROL AND MAKE A PLAY!!! The play calling was predicable…get stuffed in short yardage situations with a run to the left with the pulling guard and ineffective play-action calls. Lane and Steve, you don’t have the all-star backfield of last year to mitigate your poor play calling. I am missing Norm Chow. Booty often went to the outlet receiver (TE Fred Davis) due to the pressure and the UCLA defenders dropping into pass coverage in response to the long yardage situations. If you review Fred Davis’ performance over the year, you will notice he always gets tackled by the first defender no matter if it is a corner, safety, etc. You are a tight end…you should be breaking these one-on-one open-field tackle attempts.

    Hopefully, and I mean hopefully based on USC’s last performance, a win at the Rose Bowl with carry some positive momentum into the 2007 season. I would like to see a revamped offense and possibly a new coordinator.

  6. #6 RPM
    December 6, 2006

    On Maualuga:

    He’s not a middle linebacker. His lack of discipline means he often leaves his gap/space open. They should move him to the outside (maybe where Cushing’s been playing). He’s Lawrence Taylor. Line him up out there and let him go wild. If Lua hadn’t been injured, this would have worked — Lua, although less physically gifted, is a better middle linebacker than Rey.

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