The Sweetest Sixteen


The folks that brought you the Second Round of the Octopus Region of the Science Spring Showdown (part 1, part 2) will be bringing you one of the marquee match ups of the third round. Those folks are us, and the place is here at evolgen. We’re down to sixteen teams (some would even call this collection of teams “sweet”), which means there are eight games that will be played on the internets over the course of the next week.

We’ll be playing host to a game from the Chair Region between Darwin and Corporate. That’s right, we’re delving into the Philosophy of Science. Can the seventh seeded Darwin squad continue their survival, or have they finally met their match in the eleven seed, Corporate? The entire Chair Region has been loaded with upsets; the other two teams in the Sweet Sixteen are 16 seed Kuhn (has a 16 seed ever made it this far?) and five seed Theory. (I thought the five seed is the one that supposed to be upset in the first round.)

There will be a preview of the big match up between the Victorian scientist and the industrial machine later this week. The result of the game will be reported next week. Keep your browser pointed at evolgen for all the news on this important showdown.