Early next week, the amorphous, indefinable entity that is Corporate will take on a man named Charles Robert Darwin in the third round of the Science Spring Showdown. That’s right, we’re down to sixteen teams, including the eleven seed Corporate and the seven seed Darwin. This match up of Chair Region powerhouses will be presented on evolgen. A preview of this potentially epic battle can be found below.

Some may say that Charles Darwin was a tentative man. They base this claim on the fact that Chuck waited twenty years from his first ideas on evolution by natural selection to the first publication of On the Origin of Species. It was long thought that this tentativeness would be Darwin’s greatest obstacle in the Science Spring Showdown. But the tide may be changing — Darwin’s delay may simply have been the result of a man with a lot of other stuff to write about.

The Corporate team, lead by Johnson & Johnson and Dow Chemicals, have developed a game plan centered on Darwin’s reluctance to publish his seminal piece. These companies aggressively pursue patents, and now, with the elimination of Genomics, we can only imagine the Corporate team will have even more fan support (which may lead to even more patents). But the entire Corporate strategy may backfire given this new telling of Charles Darwin’s story.

Rather than dwelling on the minutia of one of the most important scientific theories of all time, Darwin focused his attention on the important things in life: invertebrates. And you can bet the inverts, coming off of a blowout of Surgery, will have some vested interest in the game between Corporate and Darwin. The barnacles in particular will be playing close attention to Darwin, but we’re not sure which way they’ll be leaning…

Corporate is left to devise a new strategy in the few days remaining before the big game. How will they go after Darwin? How will they defend against the Victorian naturalist’s prolific prose? How will Chuck approach big business? Will he describe them in excruciating detail? We know his rigorous writing style would fit perfectly in the bureaucratic environment of industry, so he must develop a new strategy. Leave your predictions in the comments.


  1. #1 coturnix
    March 30, 2007

    The only way Corporate can win if they come out looking all pretty, like Wedgwood china.

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