Drunk Doggy


Two unemployed stem cell researchers have performed a pilot study indicating that the chief researcher’s dog likes beer (reported here). They noticed that erratic behavior tended to increase with beer consumption, but his tolerance did increase over the course of the experiment. The dog also preferred certain beers over others, although the researchers did not have sufficient funds to test the dog’s preference for anything better than Presidente. And they didn’t see if he enjoyed salt in his beer either.

This research was partially funded by a New Jersey state research subsidy of $2.55 from returning the empties.


  1. #1 Mark
    April 18, 2007

    I think there is a problem with anthorpomorphism here. The mistake comes, I believe, in using the term “like.” Since dogs will eat pretty much anything that they can swallow, it’s hard to tell whether they “like” anything or, in fact, whether the term “like” has any relevance to canine consumption of food stuffs. I suspect that this would extend to consumption of beverages as well.

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