Internet Odds and Ends

Rick at My Biotech Life is organizing all the genetics feeds into a single Feedburner feed. The DNA Network is a collection of feeds from sites that blog on genetics. You can subscribe to the DNA Network Feed to get the web’s best genetics content delivered to your newsreader. If you would like to join the network, leave a comment on Rick’s blog.

Via Neil Saunders I learned about Google’s Image Labeler, in which you team up with another person to come up with labels for random pictures. I presume these labels will be used for smart searching in the future. Beware, this is an amazing time sink.


  1. #1 Rick
    May 10, 2007

    Wow, thanks for the plug. Keep in mind that this isn’t only my brainchild. This came about after a productive chat with Hsien Hsien Lei from Eye on DNA. And although it is mostly about genetics, the topics can and will most probably reach other realms of the life sciences.

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