On the Road to Halifax

When this post appears, I’ll be on the road to Halifax for the SMBE meeting. That’s right — on the road. As in an 18 hour drive. I’m not doing it alone, mind you. It’s me and ten other grad students and post-docs packed into two vans. And we’re not doing the whole thing in one stretch — not everyone is hardcore enough for that — so we’re spending Saturday night in Bangor, Maine. I guess that’s probably for the best because it would totally suck if we’re already burnt out by the first day of the meeting.

Anyway, for those of you going to the meeting, I’ll see you in Halifax. We’re planning a bloggers’ dinner on Tuesday night (see here), but non-bloggers are welcome to come along (if you read the blog, you’re blogger enough). I’ll be giving a talk on Tuesday afternoon (in the session on Drosophila Genome Biology) entitled, “Evolutionary fates of duplicated genes: measuring the amount of selective constraint on diverging paralogs in the Drosophila pseudoobscura genome.” I was hoping to win the contest for Longest Title Involving a Colon, but someone in my session managed to out-do me.


  1. #1 Brian
    June 23, 2007

    Enjoy Halifax, it’s a great student town. Recommend: The Lower Deck; The Triangle; the Economy Shoe Shop; and the Sea Horse.

  2. #2 Alan Kellogg
    June 24, 2007

    If you see any American Lions be sure to let us know. We don’t have the number of anomalous kitties as Great Britian, but at least ours is a native. 🙂

  3. #3 Amit
    June 24, 2007

    Wow! That’s a long drive. A few of the people here on the hill that were going thought about driving. But it was a bit too long. After seeing the list of talks/sessions, now I wish I was going. Oh well, next year its in Barcelona!

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