Tangled Bank #88

Matt at the Behavioral Ecology Blog has posted the newest edition of the Tangled Bank, the original science blogging carnival.


  1. #1 DDeden
    September 12, 2007

    Verily OT question about manatees/sirenians, if I may be so bold. Basically I’m trying to find out which marine/aquatic mammals habitually allow water into their nostrils.

    I’ve read that sperm whales allow water into their single external nasal cavity, apparently for cooling the capillaries in the other (closed) nasal cavity, though I’d think it also has to do with pressure at depth.

    I’ve seen a photo of a pacific walrus clearly blowing water (not steam) out of it’s nostrils.

    Do any sirenians allow water into their nasal cavities?

    (Some human competitive sport deep free divers allow water into the nasosinus and aural cavities to avoid having to equalize air pressure.)

    Thanks for any info! The tangled bank is great!

  2. #2 Dave S.
    September 13, 2007

    DDeden –

    HERE is a link containing a video of a manatee surfacing (scroll to bottom of page). His nostrils are closed tight under water, simply opening at the surface. Don’t know if they sometimes snort some aqua though.

  3. #3 DDeden
    September 14, 2007

    Thanks Dave S., will view the movie when I get back to the newer computer.

    I wouldn’t mind having “marching molars” that resorbed, or prehensile lips (cool!), but the vibrissae might annoy the better half…

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