The Turning of an Atheist

He’s not an atheist! He’s found god! This atheist is no more! He has ceased to be (an atheist)! He’s found god on his way to meet his maker! He’s a deist! Bereft of doubt, he thinks no more! If you hadn’t written his book for him, he’d be wandering around a nursing home dribbling spit! His intellectual processes are now history! He’s off his rocker! He’s kicked his skepticism, he’s lost his marbles, run away from reason and joined the bleedin anti-science brigade!! THIS IS AN EX-ATHEIST!!!


  1. #1 Elf Eye
    November 7, 2007

    Any future books by E.D. Hirsch on the subject of cultural literacy will surely have to include the requirement that a person be familiar with all things Monty Python!

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