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Mendel’s Garden is the original genetics blog carnival. The next edition will be hosted by Jeremy at Another Blasted Weblog. If you would like to submit a blog post to be included in the carnival, send an email to Jeremy (jcherfas at mac dot com). The carnival should be posted within the next few days,…

Call for Mendel’s Garden #26 Submissions

The 26th edition of Mendel’s Garden will be hosted by A Free Man on December 7. If you have written a blog post about any topics in Genetics in the past month or so, send a link to Chris (chris[at]afreeman[dot]org) to be included in the carnival. We’re also looking for hosts for upcoming editions. If…

Mendel’s Garden #25

After a few months off, here’s the return of Mendel’s Garden. Blast from the past: rENNISance woman gives us a post on viral genetics. Figuring out DNA looping with unbelievably advanced technology: Greg Laden reviews a paper on the structure of nucleic acids. In the fly, delayed reproduction also delays aging: Ouroboros describes research on…

I will be hosting the next edition of Mendel’s Garden on Sunday, November 2. If you have written any blog posts about genetics in the past few months, send me a link (evolgen[at]yahoo[dot]com). Also, if you’ve seen any good genetics posts on other people’s blogs, let me know. For those not in the know, Mendel’s…

Mendel’s Garden #25 — Call for Submssions

I will be hosting Mendel’s Garden #25 at evolgen. That’s right: the carnival is back! Mendel’s Garden is the original blog carnival devoted to genetics. Submit your genetics related posts to evolgen[at]yahoo[dot]com. Because Mendel’s Garden has been dormant for the past few months, I’ll be accepting posts written from March through October. So, dig through…

Dichotomous Inverts

Kevin has posted the newest Circus of the Spineless at Deep See Nudes News. Go get your monthly fix of inverts.

Circus of the Spineless #25

The new edition of Circus of the Spineless has been posted at The annotated budak. Go get yourself some invert blogging!

The New Bio::Blogs is Available

Pedro has posted a new edition of Bio::Blogs, the bioinformatics blog carnival. Go check out the hottest new computational biology blogging.

Tangled Bank #89

The newest edition of Tangled Bank has been posted by Martin at Aardvarchaeology. Go read yourself some science!

Tangled Bank #88

Matt at the Behavioral Ecology Blog has posted the newest edition of the Tangled Bank, the original science blogging carnival.