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Mendel’s Garden #18

Mendel’s Garden is the original blog carnival devoted to genetics. A new carnival is traditionally posted on the first Sunday of the month (although the date is somewhat flexible). The newest edition of Mendel’s Garden has been posted at balancing life. Sandy at Discovering Biology in a Digital World will be hosting the next edition.…

Mendel’s Garden 16

The sixteenth edition of Mendel’s Garden (the genetics blog carnival) has been posted by Hsien at Eye on DNA. If you’d like to host an upcoming edition of the carnival, you can sign up for the October, November, or December edition by emailing me (evolgen[at]yahoo[dot]com).

Gene Genie #10 & Mendel’s Garden #16

The tenth edition of Gene Genie has been posted at Genomicron. Given that TR Gregory is an evolutionary geneticist based in Canada, one is left to wonder why he didn’t attend the SMBE meeting. I know Larry Moran was at his daughter’s wedding, but what was Gregory’s excuse? Also, the next edition of Mendel’s Garden…

Tangled Bank #81

Matt’s posted the newest edition of the Tangled Bank (the original science blog carnival) at his Behavioral Ecology Blog. There’s a link to a post on Mike Lynch’s anti-adaptationist paper in PNAS and another to a post by Pedro’s on protein evolution.

Two Genetics Blog Carnivals for Today

There are two genetics blog carnivals available for your perusing today. First is Gene Genie hosted by Hsien at Eye on DNA. The second is Mendel’s Garden, over at The Daily Transcript. Hsien will also be hosting the next edition of Mendel’s Garden. Visit the Mendel’s Garden webpage if you’d like to contribute to the…

Mendel’s Garden #14

Trevor has posted the newest edition of Mendel’s Garden at Epigenetics News. Go check out the best genetics blogging of the past month. Also, we need hosts for the upcoming editions. If you’d like to host the June, July, or August editions, please email me (see the contact tab at the evolgen webpage) or visit…

Tangled Bank #77

Tara has posted a brand new Tangled Bank at Aetiology. Head on over to her place for the best science blogging of the past two weeks.

Mendel’s Garden #13

Alex has posted the (lucky) thirteenth edition of Mendel’s Garden at the Daily Transcript. It’s (not) an April Fools Day edition, but it would have been if it had come out yesterday. And there’s a theme of magic fish flakes for you favorite model organism, but I don’t think they’re safe to incorporate into my…

Bio::Blogs #9

Pedro has posted the ninth edition of Bio::Blogs with the best bioinformatics blogging of the past month. Pedro even made up a nifty pdf of all the posts, which you can print out and read while taking a bath.

Mendel’s Garden #11

Hsien at Genetics & Health has posted the newest edition of my favorite (just) science blog carnival: Mendel’s Garden. There are oodles of reasons why you should love genetics (and only a couple why you should not). If you would like to host a future edition of Mendel’s Garden, visit the carnival’s blog and leave…