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Circus of the Spineless #17

Jeremy has posted the newest edition of the Circus of the Spineless — the blog carnival dedicated to invertebrates — at the Voltage Gate. We’ll excuse the carnival organizers for creating a carnival organized around a paraphyletic taxon this one time because Jeremy included one of our posts on wasps. He’s also got stuff on…

Mendel’s Garden & Other Announcements

Three things: A new edition of Mendel’s Garden has been posted at Neurotopia. Go read the latest genetics blogging. The anecdote at the beginning of my rant about elevator usage needs a slight correction: I think the grad student who took the elevator down has a bum knee (it’s a new injury). I’m not too…

Science Blogging Carnivals

Two science blogging carnivals have been posted in the past few days. The first edition of Oekologie (ecology and environmental science) is up at The Infinite Sphere, and Aardvarchaeology has the newest Four Stone Hearth (anthropology). Also, Evil Monkey is scheduled to post a fresh edition of Mendel’s Garden any minute now — or two…

Circus of the Spineless #15

Circus of the Spineless #15 has been posted at Words & Pictures. Go check out the best invertebrate (cough, paraphyletic taxon, cough) blogging from the past month or so.

Mendel’s Garden #9

The ninth edition of Mendel’s Garden has been posted by the collective of Oregon State grad students known as Salamander Candy. Go read the month’s best genetics blogging.

Tangled Bank #67

The sixty seventh edition of the Tangled Bank has been posted at Newton’s Binomium. It’s a Thanksgiving edition, so go give thanks for some good science blogging.

A Blog Carnival Devoted to the Microscopic

After a month-long hiatus, a new edition of Animalicules is available at Baumhaus (I think the name means tree house). Animalicules has posts from around the blogosphere about microscopic living things. Check it out.

Mendel’s Garden — Call for Hosts

We’re in need of a host for the 9th Edition of Mendel’s Garden, scheduled for 6 November. Mendel’s Garden is blog carnival devoted to genetics, from evolutionary to molecular. If you would like to host the upcoming edition or any future edition, please contact Paul Decelles via the Blog Carnival Submission Page. Also, we’re switching…

Mendel’s Garden #8

Sandy has posted the eight edition of Mendel’s Garden at Discovering Biology in a Digital World. Go read the best genetics blogging from the past couple of weeks. If you have written something about genetics and would like to be included in the next edition of the carnival, you can submit your work here.

Submit to Mendel’s Garden #8

Sandy at Discovering Biology in a Digital World will be hosting the upcoming edition of Mendel’s Garden. If you have written something about genetics, consider submitting it to this blog carnival. You can email Sandy or use the blog carnival submission page. The deadline for submission is Saturday afternoon (she may even let you wait…