Evolution for Everyone

Today’s “Science Saturday” at bloggingheads.tv features an interview between Razib Kahn (Gene Expression) and myself. The interview begins with a discussion of multilevel selection, the subject of my recently concluded “truth and reconciliation” series, and ends with a discussion of the Evolution Institute and its mission to connect the world of evolutionary science with the world of public policy formulation. I look forward to making the same segue on this blog, focusing on the many ways that evolutionary theory can be used to understand and improve the human condition at scales large and small.


  1. #1 Neal
    December 7, 2009

    Hi David,

    I really enjoyed your thoughts on applying evolution concepts to groups and potentially other self sustaining organizations, such as cultures and cultural practices. The idea that group evolution can happen reasonably quickly by “leaving” is an interesting one, but one needs a place to go to.

    From my own perspective, I have a very difficult time with ideas like powerful centralized governments and other monopolistic organizations (like ATT, power collected in elite families, cultures, etc).

    These forces seem counter evolutionary. Given this, I’m wondering how you would propose to introduce social policy (which presumably would require government intervention)?

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