Evolution for Everyone

Evolutionary science won’t fully prove itself until it makes the world a better place. That simple statement has changed the way that I do science, including a “Design Your Own Park (DYOP)” project that I have organized with the help of my city of Binghamton and the United Way of Broome County. DYOP is a friendly competition among neighborhoods to turn vacant lots into public spaces, designed and maintained by the neighbors themselves. It’s a cool idea by itself but also richly informed by evolutionary science, as I describe in a document titled “The Science Behind the Scenes of the Design Your Own Park competition.”

DYOP has become a contender in Pepsi’s Refresh Project, which is itself a friendly competition among worthy projects nationwide that is decided on the basis of votes, with each person eligible to vote once a day. Please vote here if you wish to support this application of evolutionary science to everyday life ☺


  1. #1 Katharine
    September 3, 2010

    Oh, it’s already proven itself; the problem is that most people simply don’t have the background/smarts to get it.

  2. #2 Katharine
    September 3, 2010

    Also, this has about zero to do with actual evolutionary science; this is more like a cargo-culty sort of ‘oh, let’s talk about people selecting designs for a park and urban development and slap the label of evolutionary science on it just because it sounds cool’.

    When it starts getting into genetics, genetic drift, and not being at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, let us know.

  3. #3 Dan Slaby
    September 4, 2010

    Voting is a superficial form of natural selection, because the impact on the genetic and/or biological inheritance of the next generation is minimal. It would be more productive to explore and explain the origins of morality in the evolutionary adaptation of cooperative behaviour inorder to counter the antipathy of the religious right. However, voting is a process that changes the social and political mores over time, although its results can be short-lived.

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