Lynch Sums Up the Year

John Lynch has an excellent summary of what a rotten year it’s been for ID:



Just as a tree that has been “rimmed” (i.e., had its bark completely cut through on all sides) is effectively dead even if it retains its leaves and appears alive, so Darwinism has met its match with the movement initiated by Phillip Johnson. Expect Darwinism’s death throes, like Judge Jones’s decision, to continue for some time. But don’t mistake death throes for true vitality. Ironically, Judge Jones’s decision is likely to prove a blessing for the intelligent design movement, spurring its proponents to greater heights and thereby fostering its intellectual vitality and ultimate success.



Taking a longer view, I think Dover will come eventually to be be seen as a moral victory, in the same way that Galileo’s condemnation is now viewed as a moral victory.

Ohio state school board voted to eliminate a lesson plan and science standards that opened the door to teaching ID.


Behe released tenth anniversary edition of Darwin’s Black Box and claims that “[o]ther than updating the list of my children in the Acknowledgements … there is very little of the original text I would change if I wrote it today.” The new afterword fails to mention most of the major criticisms of DBB but despite this the DI refers to it as an “updated version”.

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  1. #1 TheFallibleFiend
    December 20, 2006

    I always thought Dembski was just incompetent. I’m wondering, though, if he’s just flat-out delusional.

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