Hello to the Hoofnagles!

The all-encompassing, all-devouring, Science Blogs combine has assimilated another member. Be sure to say hello to the brothers Hoofnagle (if that’s really their name) who write the denialism blog. Only a few posts so far but all of them worth reading.

And I notice one of the Hoofnagles is a graduate student at the University of Virginia. Always nice to have a Virginia academic on the team!


  1. #1 Gerdien
    May 2, 2007

    “Hoofnagle (if that’s really their name)”

    Hoefnagel is an existing if not very common Dutch surname, and the pronunciation would suggest Hoofnagle in English spelling. The word means ‘horseshoe nail’. It is a perfect name for a Star Trek species.

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