A Transition at the NCSE

While I’m getting caught up, allow me to echo Ed Brayton’s sentiments on the changing of the guard over at the National Center for Science Education. Nick Matzke, hero of the Kitzmiller trial, will be leaving to obtain a PhD in evolutionary biology from Berkeley. Not too shabby!

And taking his place will be my SciBling Josh Rosenau, of “Thoughts From Kansas,” who I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend. If anyone can fill Nick’s enormous shoes it is Josh, even if he does think I’m all mixed up about various religion-related issues 🙂

So congratulations to Nick for getting into Berkeley, to the NCSE for consistently attracting such first-rate people, and to Josh for his willingness to enter the lion’s den in the service of a truly worthy cause.


  1. #1 Josh
    August 22, 2007

    And thanks to you for your kind words.

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