I Gotta Get Me One of These!

I am totally drooling right now.

(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan).


  1. #1 EricJuve
    June 24, 2008

    It doesn’t have a toilet???

  2. #2 chezjake
    June 24, 2008

    Not only no toilet, it apparently lacks the most essential accessory — an on-board coffee brewer/dispenser.

  3. #3 wrpd
    June 24, 2008

    At least if it had a cup holder, you could use the cup as an emergency urinal for those time you just can’t pull yourself away from ScienceBlogs or Answers in Genesis, not that I have ever done anything like that.
    Or you could invest in adult diapers.

  4. #4 dorid
    June 24, 2008

    Somehow it reminds me of Darth Vadar’s chair thingie…

  5. #5 BobbyEarle
    June 25, 2008

    Does this remind anyone of the doughnut racer on the old “Tom Slick” cartoons?

  6. #6 temizlik firmalar?
    June 26, 2008

    thank you wery much…

  7. #7 Nuytsia
    June 27, 2008

    hmmm… it’s a little ugly for my taste.
    They should do a HG Wells type version in polished wood, brass and brown leather.
    Then we’re really talking business! 🙂

  8. #8 Jon D
    July 16, 2008

    I agree with one of the comments on the site – they should put an exercise bike in it. looks like the pedals would fit quite comfortably..

    Now, just add a catheter connected to a filter connected to a coffee maker, and you never need to leave!

  9. #9 boya
    January 6, 2009


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