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The “Terrible Texts” of the Bible

Here’s your quiz for the day. Who wrote this? There is no theistic God who exists to take care of you or me. There is no God who stands ready to set aside the laws by which this universe operates to come to our aid in time of need. There are no everlasting arms underneath…


As you have probably noticed, I haven’t been blogging lately. This is because ever since the semester ended I’ve been gradually slogging through all of the annoying little work-related tasks that have been put on the back-burner for the last six weeks or so. And since many of these tasks entail many hours spent in…

Dembski Concedes the Obvious

I’ve been a bit derelict in my blog reading lately, so I overlooked this post by Wesley Elsberry. His subject is a comment left by William Dembski at his (Dembski’s) blog, in response to this post. Dembski, it seems, now admits that he has been wasting everyone’s time for quite a while.

Here’s the latest: More than 500 people from throughout Western Washington turned out Sunday at the Capitol steps to protest a sign a group of atheists erected as part of the holiday display inside the building. The protest — organized late last week by a Federal Way man who said he was offended by the…

As a companion piece to my post a few days ago regarding Christiane Amanpour’s remarks about blogging, have a look at Andrew Sullivan’s latest column for The Times Online. Lot’s of interesting statistics:

Atheist Sign Stolen

As I write this, Bill O’Reilly has devoted a major chunk of his show to how “out of control” the situation in Washington is. He dug up some troll of a preacher to declare that Christmas is the most sacred of Christian holidays (which is absurd). And he’s lambasting Governor Gregoire for her fecklessness. The…

Amanpour on Blogging

CNN foreign affairs correspondent Christiane Amanpour offers a few thoughts on the merits, or lack thereof, of blogging:

Atheism Display in Washington State

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has won the right to post an anti-religion display next to a Christmas tree and a naticity scene in the Capitol rotunda in Washington State:

Sherlock Holmes: Action Star?

My main intellectual activity today was to rotate curves around various axes, and then explain how to find the volumes of the solids that resulted. Doesn’t put me in the mood for heavy, thought-provoking blogging. But I did recently come across this interesting bit of movie news. Why am I not optimistic?