P.Z. Spreads the Gospel!

You’ve heard of those parasites that can invade other creatures and turn them into zombies, mindlessly doing the parasite’s bidding? Well, if Ken Ham is is to be believed, that’s pretty much what has happened to our own P.Z. Myers:

As you watch this intriguing video exchange, please note that Dr. Purdom circles back from time to time to engage [Michael Shermer] in some of the more urgent aspects of the creation/evolution question, including how the gospel message is connected to Genesis. This video, by the way, has become somewhat popular on the web. It’s been picked up by other evolutionist sites and bloggers, including by a very aggressive evolutionist activist in Minnesota (who seems to have a large following; many skeptics are thus hearing the creation-gospel message!).

I’d wager that P.Z. and most of his readers already know far more about the creation-gospel message than does anyone at Answers in Genesis.


  1. #1 NaonTiotami
    March 21, 2009

    Hah, Ken Ham… What you don’t realise, oh fallen fellow Australian, is that the more people who see what the Bible actually says, the more see how stupid the parts you take literally are. Anyone entering the evolution/creation debate with any shred of critical thinking can quickly pick up that creationists try not to dwell on facts and actual science but rhetoric and emotional appeals, which pretty much reveals their motives and strategies for what they are: fundamentally unscientific.

    But you’d think the creationist crowd would know Sir PZ by name by now, eh? Considering he’s a major thorn in their side… Weird.

  2. #2 barry21
    March 21, 2009

    I wish I could purge Ken Ham’s lame jokes and lamer religion from my head. Of course, if he saw me say that, he would attribute it to my evolutionist hatred for the Bib…

    Wait a second. He got me again. Damn!

  3. #3 386sx
    March 21, 2009

    please note that Dr. Purdom circles back from time to time

    Please note how the cult leader Ken Ham never ceases instructing his followers in the art of “circling back”, i.e. plug your ears and keep repeating that the evidence depends on your “worldview”.

  4. #4 Anon
    March 21, 2009

    You had me at “If Ken Ham is to be believed”.

  5. #5 reboho
    March 21, 2009

    AIG link is broken or taken down. I needed mind numbing this morning.

  6. #6 Jason Rosenhouse
    March 21, 2009


    The link seems to be working for me. Anyone else having a problem?

  7. #7 James P.
    March 21, 2009

    Sadly, I must report the link worked for me. Now I have to go wash. Thanks.

  8. #8 Pierce R. Butler
    March 21, 2009

    Unfortunately, it worked for me too.

  9. #9 Leni
    March 22, 2009

    It worked for me too.

    But I spent most of my time reading the Micheal Shermer wiki from the Answers Firefox add-on. He was (is?) a bicycle racer. Interesting.

  10. #10 SLC
    March 23, 2009

    Re Leni

    He was (is?) a bicycle racer. Interesting.

    Indeed, he competed several times in the Race Across America.

  11. #11 AgelessAnnie
    March 23, 2009

    I am still dithering about “coming out”. No, not that particular genré “coming out”. The one I desperately want the world to know is that I am an atheist and a flaming Progressive Democrat. In that order.

    I started a much-too-long blog about the opening of Ken Ham’s $27 million Creation museum a couple years ago. Got some fantastic facts and commentary [read: *truths*] from a domain called DefCon, [Defending the Constitution] which is now up for sale. I have read and made copies of piles of stuff about one of my heroes, Thomas Jefferson, and the very tired old argument about separation of church and state (dingbat citizens STILL believe that crock of horse manure) Being the idiot that I have become in my rickety old age, I managed to lose everything I wrote and *saved* in notepads and boy, was there some good stuff !!

    Especially about the bible. Like, some Norwegian built an “ark” which is, to me anyway, no big deal. The really big deal, to me, was the Norwegian carpenter’s headline in 14 pt font == “Built on same scale as in the bible”. (Oy, did I have the best tantrum of my life when I read that? Oh yeah) Explained as best I could in Kindergartner class English…..that nobody for about the last few thousand years or beyond knows anything about what “the bible” meant but no-one—not even our cousins The Apes, knew squat when it was printed and at how many different eras, ways and meanings?? King James was purported to have made enormous changes all by himself…would you buy a used chariot from HIM??

    Now the information from which I carefully extracted lovely paragraphs of reality and common sense…gone. I’ll persevere, even though true believers in “Creationism” and those who are making Ken Ham rich with his museum of a 6,000 yr. old planet with wax figures of dinosaurs and humans living together in the same tents?… ad nauseam…will still call me that “crazy wild-eyed old broad” and so I say unto them….Oh yeah? So where are your dinosaurs today, Ken?….6,000 years ago they were house pets of cavemen, right? And these same “humans” spoke what….English? Spanish? Latin? Greek? What??

    I discovered a “saying” a while ago that I like sooo much, and use it a lot….unfortunately I don’t have the guy’s name anymore who penned it originally (It was one of those *really* old, ancient names) —

    ….”The religions disperse, kingdoms disappear, but works of science remain for all the ages”

    Now. Ain’t that the truth though? LOL Gosh, if anyone knows the person who came up with this little gem, could ya publish it here, maybe???

    If this “comment” doesn’t make it past the editor, well that’s OK. I vented and that always helps my mood so now I feel much better (finding this website helped a lot also!) and my really big, extremely hairy cat … “Snickers”…who is a gorgeous Maine Coon and a candy bar, will be getting a big ol’ kiss on the top of her head which she hates when she’s sleeping on my bed and has her big furry body arranged just SO on the pillow.
    Hmmmmm, I think I might as well just amble around my new-found interesting website[s] which, if I haven’t used up all of my functioning brain cells at the moment, appear to be many blogs by some assorted brainy people.


  12. #12 Pete
    March 26, 2009


    1. Please don’t try to start a fashion of spelling “genre” with an e-acute. It doesn’t have one!

    2. I was going to make a comment about the style of your post (crypto-fundamentalist maybe), but then I looked at your blog and found that you’re 3 months younger than my dad. So you just go ahead and post in any style you like!


  13. #13 azportsider
    April 8, 2009

    @ AgelessAnnie I found this:

    “The religions disperse, kingdoms fall apart, but works of science remain for all ages.”
    — Ulugh-Beg (Words carved on stone astronomical observatory erected by Ulugh-Beg, Tamerlane’s grandson, in Samarkand in the 15th century.)

    Sometimes, Google is your friend.

  14. #14 AgelessAnnie
    July 11, 2009

    Well, this is interesting. Doing some Spring cleaning, decided to click on yet another of the many links I thought would be interesting to me. I’d forgotten all about the rather long comment I’d made here. So when I came back just now and read Mr. “Einstein” Pete’s condescending critique — re: the horror of using an e-acute in such a bastardly manner. And the ugly rudeness of peeking at my blogpage and knowing all about my “style”? I’m moving from Blogger.com to WordPress right now & there’s really nothing to see….both sites are torn apart, wonder what the heck he saw that made him such a professional editor??
    My “style”? Bloggers don’t have any specific “style”, for crying out loud!! Pompous arse!

    I have been weblogging, journal-writing and finally, Blogging exploded on the planet….for 11 years now. When the number of “seniors” became visible to the rest of the self-absorbed, conceited (See: Mr. Pete) self-promoting PC smart-alecks (Mr. Pete), there was a surge of interest in the awesome unbelievability that humans over the age of 75 could actually put words together and publish on their very own recognizance. Wow. Wasn’t Ernest Hemingway a really old geezer and still churned out potboilers?

    A columnist from TIME magazine called me about two years ago or so…did a short article about MY blog, and I was joined with an affable 90-yr old man who grew tomatoes, et al, and another elder female. There were an estimated 15 billion senior bloggers at that time. I heard from a beautiful lady from Argentina who was 102, and blogging! Her great-grandson wrote what she told him!

    And guess what? No-one, ever! — criticized anyone else’s “style” for their blogpage. Amazing, isn’t it?
    So my style is “crypto-fundamendtalist” and I have to say I think *you* just made up that description! Obviously you don’t know squat about bloggers and how they write! Style? Who cares, for goodness sake!!

    Oh, did I mention a nice young man came to my home couple years ago to interview me for his NPR radio show? That was very cool. And Milwaukee Magazine declared me one of the weekly winners of their “Best Blog of the Week” series. No biggie there but what the heck. I got more votes than anyone else. Even with the horrible “style” (which, BTW, is all MY own)

    Can’t leave without thanking **azportsider** for the real deal behind that great quote! I have always liked that, mainly because it’s so true….LOL

  15. #15 AgelessAnnie
    July 12, 2009

    I give up. I wanted so badly to come back and kick that horrendous post (above) right out into cyberspace, but there are no clues on how to navigate around this site, so I have no way to *delete* that silly rant above.

    Oh boy. Well, *clears throat* — Shoulda waited to vent, I guess. Thankfully, after I leave now, it will soon be forgotten. Sigh.

  16. #16 eddie
    July 12, 2009

    Hey AgelessAnnie, don’t bale out so soon. You might miss much fun and wisdom among the grammar pedantry (are you a grammar?).
    I admit that the accent on genre did faze me as it did pete but I thought your comment was worth it for that quote. Ta

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