To Atlanta!

I will be leaving for Atlanta, GA tomorrow to participate in the Ninth Gathering for Gardner. That’s Martin Gardner, of course. I will be giving a short talk about the Monty Hall problem on Thursday morning, and then it will be three days of math, magic and other cool things. Gardner contributed a jacket endorsement to my Monty Hall book.

The evo/creo book continues to plod along. I have now crossed the 30,000 word mark. It’s a bit stressful, one minute I think I have written something pretty good, the next I think it is career-ending crap. Whatever.

Hopefully I”ll get back to semi-regular blogging when I return.


  1. #1 Traces
    March 24, 2010

    Recommended by a local:

    Bar downtown: Trader Vic’s in basement of Ritz Carlton

    Breakfast joints near to downtown: Ria’s Bluebird; Thumbs Up Diner;

    Lunch Joints near to downtown: again, Ria’s; Grindhouse Burgers in the Sweet Auburn Street Market

  2. #2 eric
    March 26, 2010

    Personally my life element is carbon. But whatever…

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