Good Times in Richmond

I had a pleasant trip down to Richmond on Wednesday. I spoke to a small crowd of twenty people about evolution and creationism and all that jazz. I think most of the audience was to the left of me on these issue. Whenever I said something about evolution challenging religion it was all smiles and encouragement. When I said something about how many religious folks have made their peace with evolution, suddenly everyone was sucking on lemons. At any rate, I felt a little cheated that I did not have any frothing creationists giving me grief during the question period.

The talk itself, alas, will not be available online. However, I did sit down for a short interview with Jim Junot, who hosts a You Tube show, The Junot Files, which covers interesting goings on in Richmond. We had a fifteen minute conversation. So if you’re really eager to hear the sound of my voice and don’t mind looking at my shiny bald head, then check it out:




  1. #1 SLC
    May 20, 2012

    I suggest that Prof. Rosenhouse listen to this interview with the viewpoint as to why he says “you know” so often. This is a meaningless phrase that, IMHO, detracts from the response to questions and is a distraction. I suggest that the good professor consciously make an effort to avoid using this phrase in future interviews.

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