I am on the road! Tomorrow I will be in New York, as I have previously discussed. Today I was in Baltimore to hang out at the big math party known as the Joint Mathematics Meetings. I also managed to write a guest post over at the Oxford University Press blog. Enjoy!


  1. #1 eric
    January 17, 2014

    Indeed. My ‘real unsolved’ conferences tend to revolve around food and drink. Just how many of those little cardboard boxes of ‘free’ popcorn is too many? And what amount of time do I need to wait after arriving at the meet and greet session before using my free drink ticket(s) without looking like a lush? Come to think of it, can I use both free tickets at the same time and not look like a lush? Because c’mon, that line is too long. You know it. I know it. Getting two at once is just more efficient for all of us.

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